FVMA Alerts to New Regulatory Changes! Effective June 16th

The FVMA makes veterinarians aware of the following two changes (shown in red below):

1st RULE AMENDMENT – Effective on June 16, 2014 ; Chapter 474, Florida Statutes

Veterinary Practice Act Rule Chapter 616G18, Florida Administrative Code

PURPOSE AND EFFECTThe proposed amendment is to facilitate the enforcement of an offense which poses great potential harm to the general public.

(h) Signing and distributing to others invalid or incomplete official certificates of veterinary inspection for the intrastate sale of dogs or cats.


2nd RULE AMENDMENT – Effective on June 16, 2014; Chapter 474, Florida Statutes

Veterinary Practice Act Rule Chapter 616G18, Florida Administrative Code

PURPOSE AND EFFECT: The proposed amendment ensures that pharmaceuticals and biologics, the efficacies of which are temperature sensitive, are stored in a fashion consistent with manufacturer’s protocol when said items are utilized by Veterinarians whose practice requires the administration of same in an agricultural venue away from an established veterinary premise.

2. All pharmaceuticals and biologics shall be maintained at the temperature recommended by the manufacturer in a refrigeration device that is powered by a stable energy source and is capable of maintaining a constant temperature. A thermometer shall be included where the biologics are being stored.